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Our History

Generation Now was founded in 2015 and has since established a network of over 5,000 young professionals. Check out our upcoming networking events.


To support COVID-19 restrictions, Generation Now implements virtual program courses and workshops.


In 2019, Generation Now identified key stakeholders to sit on the organization’s Board.


Board meetings conducted to outline ongoing strategy to service young professionals focusing on the organization’s Values.


With a growing network of over 5,000 young professionals, Generation Now invests in planning and redevelopment to pinpoint business training that will help bridge the gap between workforce demands and qualified young professionals.

Some of the key training areas were regarding soft skills, leadership and diversity & inclusion.



Generation Now adds internal resources to assist with a growing network for over 3,000 young professionals.

With almost 3 years of presence in the community, the organization focuses on broadening sponsorships and adding workshops to prepare young professionals for opportunities in the workforce.


Some of the organization’s key accomplishments:

  • Secured sponsorships of over $25,000

  • Partnered with well-known companies like - P&G, 84.51, and Kroger’s to name a few

  • Added additional programs, training workshops and social events such as - Cross Cultural Communication, Conflict Management, Networking, Leadership Development and Diversity & Inclusion

On average training workshops increased to over 100 participants.



With a network now of over 2,000 young professionals, Generation Now started collaborations with local businesses and moved events from local establishments to inside corporate walls.  


To assist with a growing network:

  • 4 more board members were added

  • 2 committees were established to assist with programs and executive initiatives

  • 10 volunteers were brought on board to help with event logistics, marketing, recruitment of speakers and galvanizing sponsors

Support for Generation Now grew in the community.  The organization received a Proclamation from Mayor John Cranley for their Believe Youth Conference.


The conference provided positive reinforcement and resources to help develop young professionals for the workforce.  Over 75 young professionals attended.


Generation Now Cincinnati Network was established by Founder and CEO; Renika J. Smiley in 2015.

A board of four members was put in place to help navigate the way forward.  The board quickly started identifying and discussing the challenges that young professionals face in the workforce.

The group agreed hearing from young professionals would be a great way to help lay the foundation for the organization.

With this in mind, the board members started hosting LinkedIn Networking Happy Hour events at local establishments.  The events yielded great success with an average attendance of 50 professionals.

But the board members didn’t stop there.  Within the first year:

  • Hosted 8 programs geared toward the development of young professionals

  • Generation Now’s following grew to over 1,000 young professionals

  • $15,000 in fundraising was secured to assist with the events

  • 100 young professionals were awarded for career achievements and community impact

  • Launched the Top 10 List to recognize young professionals for professional excellence - nominated by Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations

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