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Continue developing your skills with these courses.

Next Step Mentorship

Launching Fall 2022

This course is intended to help mid-career and senior professionals develop leadership techniques, refine career narratives, and hone strategic planning skills. It covers:

  1. Career planning

  2. Finding the right mentor

  3. Leadership development

  4. Mentor-mentee best practices 

  5. Mentorship toolkit

  6. Networking 101

Career Essentials

Launching Winter 2022

Instructed by Nichole Sims

This course is helps early career professionals with refining their career narratives, interview skills, and professional development goals. It includes:

  1. Finding the right mentor

  2. Interview training

  3. Leadership development

  4. Personal branding – find your niche

  5. Resume building

  6. Salary negotiation

Course Instructors
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