About Generation Now


At Generation Now Cincinnati Network, we believe that all young professionals should have the ability to thrive in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

In order for young professionals to thrive in the workforce, they need valuable
resources and tools to help ensure their success.


What are some of the resources and tools available at Generation Now?

● Networking events to allow young leaders to connect and collaborate
● Professional development programs to build knowledge and skills
● Job board to connect vetted businesses with talented professionals
● Career mentorship opportunities for growth and advancement
● Career pathway programs for working professionals
● Training programs for young professionals in the criminal justice system
● Access to free college degree programs and certificates
● Generation Now Monthly Podcast
● Speaker series on poverty and mental health
● Tips on community project opportunities and volunteerism
● Job readiness programs for youth and young professionals

Generation Now has been committed to the development of young professionals since it was founded in 2015. We have built trust with the many young professionals that connect with our organization. In working with them, we have gained valuable insight regarding their career aspirations. To help us in this journey, we partner with businesses and organizations at all levels. They are key players in our efforts to develop leaders for the next generation.

To learn more about the many resources and tools we provide, take a closer look at our

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